Butt workouts for women

Barbell/dumbbell exercises - These are what you need to do with heavy weight if you want to make your butt BIGGER. Everything else will help make your butt rounder and firmer, but will not add significant size.

Cardio/plyometrics - This stuff is great for shaping your butt while challenging your heart at the same time.

Bodyweight exercises - I do these when I don’t have access to a gym. You can make these more challenging by holding heavy stuff like gallon jugs full of water.

  • glute bridges (try single leg)
  • hip thrusts (try single leg)
  • pistol squats (there are hard!)
  • single leg deadlifts
  • glute ham raises (you’ll need something or someone to hold your feet)
  • lunges (reverse, walking, etc.)
  • bulgarian split squat
  • high step ups


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