First off, i’m a MALE. Unless Stated otherwise, non of these pictures belong to me. Found something that belongs to you? Contact Allthickwomen@gmail.com so i can add the appropriate tags. Don’t waste your keystroke trying to tell me what to post or why i should “stick to my blog name”. I simply don’t care what your opinions are of the blog or me. Instead of reporting content, it will probably be easier if you just ask me to take it down.

I consider this blog a somewhat well composed archive of my cyber adventure ranging from beautiful women, photography, videos, funny posts to workout tips. Basically a body positive blog with a collection of entertaining and sometimes thought provoking posts. I try to be unbiased, but human nature….Diversity is the whole theme of this blog. Doesn’t matter if you are white,green, purple,black or red submit anything you like (videos, fan signs, music,photos, ANYTHING) and i’ll post it if it’s interesting. If you have any issues with the site or wish to contact and/or submit content to the proprietor please send a message to Allthickwomen@gmail.com. Submissions are evaluated before posting and some might not be up to par. You can submit EVERYTHING except Pornographic content. So if you think you’re pretty, funny or have something to share, please don’t hesitate. Again, as long as it’s INTERESTING or somewhat ARTISTIC and not just bland. Happy viewing.

P.S Buzzfeed is like my second home. Hate it or love it, but i’ll still post it.


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